An Introductory/Intermediate Workshop on Multispectral Imaging

This 4-hour workshop will introduce scholars to best practices in multispectral imaging.  It will focus on technologies and work processes for integrating multispectral imaging technologies and data into academic research. This includes imaging and image processing with current or new multispectral imaging systems. 

Instruction will support practitioners and academics as they implement and manage the full workflow of multispectral imaging from initiation through production and access.  The workshop will utilize examples and case studies from multispectral imaging at the University of Iowa, as well as other open access multispectral imaging programs of varied cost and complexity in a range of institutions around the globe. 


This workshop will provide academics working or intending to work with multispectral imaging with an introduction to the systems, tools and workflow needed for efficient multispectral imaging, including:

  • Best practices that are appropriate for planning, managing, and implementing multispectral imaging in conjunction with other scientific and medical imaging;
  • The latest multispectral imaging systems with higher-resolution CMOS cameras, advanced illumination panels and integrated operational and post-processing software capable of revealing text and drawings unseen by the human eye;
  • Multispectral image processing techniques that can be used by academics to develop their own image products that best support their research;
  • Basic technologies and techniques available to academics for multispectral imaging, with:
  • An efficient workflow and data architecture;
  • An effective data management structure to ensure preservation and access;
  • Requirements and resources tracking and reporting;
  • Methods for minimizing risk and maximizing return on investment into multispectral and other advanced imaging methods;
  • Metadata and data storage and access to meet cultural heritage standards for long-term digital data preservation.

Mike Toth

This workshop will be led by Michael B. Toth, president of R.B. Toth Associates and Honorary Research Associate at the University College London.  With over 30 years of experience in multispectral imaging, program management and systems integration, Mike has led teams of scientists, scholars and technical experts as they help museums, libraries, archives and other institutions integrate advanced imaging into their research activities. He has supported cultural heritage projects ranging from the UK National Archives, Vatican Library, St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai, and the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, to the Universities of Iowa, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and the Library of Congress.

Mike has led advanced digitization and curation projects to provide data and information for global access.  With Phase One and Equipoise Imaging, he and his teams support institutions across the United States, Europe and the Middle East, working closely with archive and library managers and staff.  With them he provides the planning, integration and management needed for efficient digitization, curation and access.