We're going virtual!
But what does this mean for you? 

This conference is now going to a virtual platform using Zoom. The schedule on this website has been updated, but please note that the times on the schedule are for Central Standard Time (CST).

Everyone who registered for the conference should have received an email containing the zoom links from the More than Meets the Eye Conference Organizing Committee. If you did not receive an email, please contact us at lib-mtmte@uiowa.edu

Note that if you cannot make some of the sessions or if you have difficulty with an internet connection,  all sessions will be recorded and put up on this website. We will do our best to get them online in a timely fashion.  If Zoom goes down during the conference or if any other serious problems arise, we ask that you bear with us.

For those of you unfamiliar with Zoom, below are some best practices for you to follow. At the beginning of each session during the conference, someone from our team will explain some of the key features of Zoom for you, but you can always go to the Zoom help center for more information. 

Zoom Participant Best Practices

  1. Please be patient with us... we are also learning!
  2. Mute your microphone and camera (bottom left corner)
  3. Ask Questions via the chat window. Please be concise, so our Moderator can easily pass them to the Presenter.
  4. Please avoid side chats, and be aware that public chats are exactly that… public.
  5. Remember to keep this email pulled up so that you can quickly reenter the Zoom window if you have any technical problems.

Zoom Presenter Best Practices

  1. Test your audio/video beforehand, and review screen sharing instructions.
  2. Use a headset with a microphone if possible; this will help prevent audio feedback .
  3. Prepare your materials/PowerPoint/images ahead of time so you are ready to share your screen (have all downloaded material open and ready to share when it’s your time to talk)
  4. Close unnecessary tabs, windows and programs to avoid confusion when sharing.
  5. Disable notifications, new email, or chat pop-ups during your presentation.
  6. When it’s your turn, click the Share button (the green button at the bottom of the screen), select the correct screen from the gallery, and click Share.
  7. If you will be using a webcam at all, please be sure that you have good lighting for video, and make sure your backdrop (aka the room behind you) is orderly.


If you run into any technical difficulties along the way, please contact a conference organizing committee member at lib-mtmte@uiowa.edu